Visiting Student Programme (VSP)

The Visiting Student Programme (VSP) offers the opportunity to all undergraduate students to study in SMU on a fee-paying basis.

FALL 2024 TERM: 19 AUG - 08 DEC 2024

15 APR - 25 APR 2024

SPRING 2024 Term: 08 Jan to 28 Apr 2024, inclusive of exam period

FALL 2024 Term: 19 Aug to 08 Dec 2024, inclusive of exam period


Spend up to two academic terms studying at Singapore’s only City Campus university


Experience SMU's interactive pedagogy and experiential learning in small, seminar-style classes


Tackle real-world challenges through interdisciplinary SMU-X courses


Grow a diverse network of friends and contacts in Singapore, your gateway to Asia

SMU had resumed in-person semester exchange since AY 2021/22 Term 2 and welcomes international students to join us on campus for face-to-face classes. Singapore has transitioned to living with COVID-19, and students and partners are advised to refer to this Ministry of Health webpage for the latest update, and to the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority webpage for the latest border requirements.


Established in 2000, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its teaching excellence and world-class research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance. Our distinctive pedagogy of small class sizes and seminar-style teaching in our lush city campus, set within the heart of Singapore's cosmopolitan cityscape, offer a transformative education to help you discover your fullest potential.


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The Visiting Student Programme (VSP) is applicable for a duration of one regular term or a full academic year. Each term lasts 16 weeks, including a week-long mid-term break and two weeks of revision and examinations.

Please refer to the SMU Academic Calendar here.


  1. Applicants must have completed at least one academic year of undergraduate studies.
  2. Applicants must continue to be a registered undergraduate in their home university throughout the period of study at SMU.
  3. Applicants must have obtained a cGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, or equivalent.
  4. Applicants must fulfil the English language proficiency requirement by SMU.

English Language Proficiency

The language of instruction at SMU is English. Students from non-English-speaking countries or from institutions whereby the language of instruction is not English, must fulfil at least one of SMU’s English language proficiency requirement listed below. IELTS/ TOEFL/ C1 Advanced scores are valid for 2 years. Scores from tests taken must be within the validity period of two years at the point of application.

English Proficiency Test Minimum Score

Paper-based TOEFL
Min. of 5.5 (Test of Written) & 50 (Reading)583

Internet-based TOEFL*
Min. of 22 (Reading) & 22 (Writing)93

International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS)*
Min. of 7.0 (Reading) & 6.5 (Writing)7.0

C1 Advanced
Min. score of 185, with at least 185 (Reading) and 176 (Writing)185

*Due to COVID-19 testing restrictions, scores from the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition and IELTS Indicator will also be accepted.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants are required to complete and submit an e-application. The online application process will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Please refer to the step-by-step application guide here.
  2. Applicants are required to provide the following supporting documents together with the application. Only documents in English will be accepted.
    • Photo identification page of passport (Passport MUST have a validity of no less than six months from the end date of the intended academic term). Expired passports, or passports with less than the required validity period WILL NOT be accepted.
    • Latest academic transcript bearing the official letterhead or seal of the home university.
    • English Language Proficiency Certificate (Applicable to students whereby the language of instruction of the home university is not English).
    • Passport-sized colour photograph (taken within the last three months).
  3. Successful applicants will receive an Official Letter of Acceptance and further instructions for the application of the Student's Pass (student visa).
Class Format and Size Interactive seminar-style comprising 35 to 45 students
Course Load Minimum: 2.0 SMU credits; Maximum: 4.0 SMU credits
Credit Weightage
  1. 1.0 SMU credit consists of 39 contact hours per term
  2. 0.5 SMU credit consists of 18 contact hours per term
Course Assessment Including but not limited to class attendance, class participation, individual and group projects, presentations, mid-term tests and final examinations
Class Attendance & Participation Mandatory for all classes; absence must be supported by medical certification or valid reasons, and are subjected to the approval of the teaching instructor

Course Information

Students may choose from a list of selected undergraduate courses. The final course list will be sent to students approximately two weeks before course enrolment. Only undergraduate courses are offered to exchange/visiting students (Course Codes 001-499, 1200-4038).

For more information on course description and outlines, please visit the SMU Course Catalogue. Please note that the catalogue is for reference only, as not all courses are offered.

  1. Select the corresponding Academic Year and Term
  2. Select the desired course
  3. Select ‘View Class Section’
  4. Click on the Course Outline icon

Course enrolment is done via a bidding process. Course enrolments are not guaranteed and are subjected to SMU’s academic policies and the following conditions:

  1. Availability of vacancies
  2. Fulfilment of course pre-requisites, if applicable
  3. Course demand and bidding outcome

Students are encouraged to be proactive and flexible in their study plans. To optimise the bidding opportunities, students should:

  1. Obtain pre-approval for more courses than needed from the home university.
  2. Ensure that they have fulfilled the pre-requisites for the necessary courses, if applicable, before bidding.

The SMU campus is situated in the heart of the city, with many private housing options within walking distance. It is conveniently accessible to amenities and transportation networks. Students have the flexibility to source and arrange their own accommodation based on individual budget and needs. All arrangements are at the responsibility and discretion of the student.


  1. Students are required to read and understand all terms and conditions of the housing rental agreement before committing to the lease. The SMU Centre for Global Education and Opportunities (GEO) does not seek to represent either party in any disputes arising from the rental / lease agreement.
  2. For rental of private apartments /condominiums, it is important that students read and understand Singapore’s governing policies on short-term rental. Find out more from the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) website.

VSP Programme Fee

The VSP is a fee-paying programme. The tuition fee applicable is based on the:

  1. School offering the course
  2. Number of courses enrolled

The fee per course listed below, is inclusive of the prevailing government and service taxes.

SchoolFee (per course)



Integrative Studies


Computing and Information Systems

Social Sciences


In addition, other administrative fees are applicable i.e. Student’s Pass (Student Visa), SMU Miscellaneous Fee etc.

Student’s Pass (Student Visa) Fee

The cost for the Student's Pass ranges between S$105 to S$135 and includes the application fee, issuance fee and multiple-entry visa fee (if applicable). Approval is subjected to terms and conditions.

SMU Miscellaneous Fee

A one-time miscellaneous fee of approximately S$250 per term or S$400 per year is applicable. The fee includes the cost for the SMU Medical Insurance, IT services, registration and matriculation as well as student activities. The miscellaneous fee is mandatory and non-refundable.

Living Expenses

The estimated monthly living expenses for an exchange/visiting student in Singapore is approximately S$2,000–S$3,500. Listed below are some expected monthly expense items. Actual expenses will differ depending on the choice of accommodation and lifestyle of each individual.

Accommodation (subject to type of accommodation)S$1,000 - S$2,000
FoodS$700 - S$900
TransportationS$150 - S$200
TelecommunicationsS$30 - S$50
Books and StationeryS$20 - S$50
Personal Expenses (entertainment etc.)S$100 - S$300

Singapore is a multicultural and cosmopolitan country, consistently lauded for our excellence in quality of living and safety. Learn more about living in Singapore here.

The laws in Singapore may differ from those in your home country. Understand the types of items that are prohibited (such as drugs and electronic cigarettes), controlled or dutiable in Singapore at this Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Singapore webpage.

All international students are required to hold a valid Student’s Pass during their term of studies in Singapore. The Student’s Pass enables the student to live and study in Singapore, as well as serves as a multiple-entry visa into Singapore (subject to terms & conditions).

The SMU Centre for Global Education and Opportunities (GEO) will facilitate the application of the Student's Pass. Nevertheless, students shall bear the responsibility to complete and fulfil the application requirements for the Student’s Pass before their arrival in Singapore. More information on the Student’s Pass application will be provided two months before the start of the academic term.

For information on immigration matters that may affect your stay in Singapore, please visit the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website.


By regulation, Student’s Pass holders (exchange & visiting students) are strictly not permitted to undertake any form of internship or work (regardless paid or unpaid) during their study term in Singapore. Offenders will be prosecuted in accordance to Singapore's immigration laws.

Medical Insurance

It is mandatory for all students to purchase the SMU Medical Insurance. The cost for this insurance is included in the SMU Miscellaneous Fee. Find out more about the SMU Medical Insurance here.

  1. SMU Medical Insurance coverage is applicable within Singapore only.
  2. The SMU Medical Insurance does not cover personal travel/leisure trips out of Singapore. Students are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance at their own cost and discretion.

If you wish to purchase additional medical, accident and travel insurance coverage, please consult your local insurance provider.

International SOS (ISOS)

SMU has engaged the services of International SOS to offer 24/7 assistance to our students in case of an emergency locally or while overseas. Students are strongly encouraged to download the ISOS mobile app. In case of an emergency, students may seek assistance via the app or contact the ISOS 24-hour hotline at +65 6337 6517, or the SMU Campus Security at +65 6828 0343.

For more information on the Visiting Student Programme, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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