Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme

The Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP) offers the opportunity to undergraduate students to study in local partner universities for a semester.

SMU FALL 2024 TERM* 19 AUG - 06 DEC 2024

SMU SPRING 2025 TERM* 13 JAN to 02 MAY 2025

*Term dates include exam period. Please note that mandatory orientation activities will take place in the week before the start of each Term and students are required to sit for the final examinations as scheduled by SMU. For the detailed academic calendar, please see this link.


Please check the Academic Terms of participating universities Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on their respective websites, or refer to OASIS.


Experience student life in another university for a semester


Expose yourself to diverse pedagogical styles


Interact with faculty across disciplines and campuses


Grow your local network of friends and contacts


Established in 2000, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its teaching excellence and world-class research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance. Our distinctive pedagogy of small class sizes and seminar-style teaching in our lush city campus, set within the heart of Singapore's cosmopolitan cityscape, offer a transformative education to help you discover your fullest potential.

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SMU students may find more application information on SUSEP in the section below and on OASIS.

Incoming students

  1. must have completed at least one academic year of undergraduate studies;
  2. must continue to be a registered undergraduate in their home university throughout the period of study at SMU.

SMU students should

  1. be registered as a full-time student at SMU;
  2. have successfully completed at least one regular term of study upon applying for the exchange, and at least two regular terms of study at the point of admission into one of the universities (termed host university);
  3. not be in their final term of study during the exchange term;
  4. be of good academic standing and show aptitude, motivation, and maturity to thrive in the environment of the host university.

For Incoming Students

Your home university will receive nomination instructions from SMU via email. Please do not apply directly to SMU for SUSEP and instead contact your home university for their application and nomination processes.

You will be asked to submit an application to SMU after your nomination. All applications must be submitted together with the supporting documents below (only valid documents in English will be accepted):

  • Identity document NRIC for Singaporeans
  • Passport, Blue NRIC and Re-entry Permit for Singapore PRs
  • Passport or Student’s Pass for International Students
  • Latest academic transcript from the home university

For SMU Students

The Centre for Global Education and Opportunities will notify all SMU students via email when applications for SUSEP opens. Applications typically open in February for admission into Term 1 and in September of the previous year for admission into Term 2 at the host university. For more information, please visit OASIS.

Class Format and Size Interactive seminar-style comprising 35 to 45 students
Course Load Minimum: 1.0 SMU credit; Maximum: 5.0 SMU credits
Credit Weightage
  1. 1.0 SMU credit consists of 39 contact hours per term
  2. 0.5 SMU credit consists of 18 contact hours per term
Course Assessment Including but not limited to class attendance, class participation, individual and group projects, presentations, mid-term tests and final examinations
Class Attendance & Participation Mandatory for all classes; absence must be supported by medical certification or valid reasons, and are subjected to the approval of the teaching instructor

Course Information

Students may choose from a list of selected undergraduate courses. The final course list will be sent to students approximately two weeks before course enrolment. Only undergraduate courses are offered to SUSEP students (Course Codes 001-499, 1200-4038).

For more information on course description and outlines, please visit the SMU Course Catalogue. Please note that the catalogue is for reference only, as not all courses are offered.

  1. Select the corresponding Academic Year and Term
  2. Select the desired course
  3. Select ‘View Class Section’
  4. Click on the Course Outline icon

Course enrolment is done via a bidding process. Course enrolments are not guaranteed and are subjected to SMU’s academic policies and the following conditions:

  1. Availability of vacancies
  2. Fulfilment of course pre-requisites, if applicable
  3. Course demand and bidding outcome

Students are encouraged to be proactive and flexible in their study plans. To optimise the bidding opportunities, students should:

  1. Obtain pre-approval for more courses than needed from the home university.
  2. Ensure that they have fulfilled the pre-requisites for the necessary courses, if applicable, before bidding.

Students may enrol for SMU courses and courses at the host university concurrently and attend lessons at both SMU and the host university while on SUSEP. However, it is the students' responsibility to ensure there is no clash in the class and exam schedules.

E-dollars given for the exchange term will be adjusted according to the number of course units taken at SMU. For example, if 4 course units are registered at SMU and 1 course unit is registered at the host university, 20 e-dollars will be deducted from the original 100 e-dollars allocated for that term.

Students must have all their courses approved by SMU before registering for them with the host university. It is the students' responsibility to ensure the courses they take at the host university can be mapped to the SMU curriculum. Students should also familarise themselves with the Credit Transfer Policy.

Students should ascertain they have met the equivalent pre-requisites, if any, of the host university's courses. They should ensure they are able to take their approved choice of courses to achieve the intended study load for the term and not have to extend their studies beyond the normal candidature period.

Approved courses taken at the host university will be accepted as course credits but the grades will not be computed into the cumulative GPA.

For more information, please visit OASIS.

SMU has a vibrant campus life with many activities for incoming SUSEP students to complement their formal studies as well as to help build lasting friendships and networks. Find out more about SMU's campus life and facilities here. Please note that accommodation at the Prinsep Street Residences is not open to SUSEP students.

To support students in achieving their potential, as well as personal and academic successes, SMU is committed to building a resilient community by providing support and assistance to students and promoting students’ holistic wellbeing. Find out more about SMU's Health and Safety services here.

The SMU campus is situated in the heart of the city and is conveniently accessible to amenities and transportation networks. View our Campus Map and its surroundings here.

Incoming students participating in SUSEP with SMU are required to pay a mandatory and non-refundable miscellaneous fee of $165 which covers the following:

  • Registration
  • Orientation and student activities
  • IT and school facilities

SMU students are to pay their tuition fees to SMU and not to the host university. However, they will need to pay the host university any registration or miscellaneous fees charged.

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